Seminarium öppet för allmänheten

Lengthening the Hamstrings (webinar)

med Kathryn Hume-Cook

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Length and Strength (webinar)

In this series of public workshops, you will find new ways to improve your posture, coordination und flexibility.
The Feldenkrais Method helps you to notice things about the way you are moving through your life and utilise your human capacity to learn. In the group lessons, you will be guided through some very specific movement explorations which can help you to develop your ability to move and act more efficiently and elegantly, recalibrating neuromuscular patterns and adaptations.
Benefits are noticeable from the very first lesson, after which you may feel taller and lighter, more in tune with yourself and able to move more fluidly.
Come and discover that you can reach with ease what seemed impossible before.

Lengthening the Hamstrings (webinar)

Regain flexibility and ease of movement in your lower back, hips, knees and ankles by exploring new ways of finding length in your hamstrings. The hamstrings extend the hips and bend the knees, and work synergistically with the quadriceps in order to carry out all the different functions of your legs.

Improving coordination and sensing more clearly how to allow length vs. mobilising for action will not only help you to “touch your toes” more easily, but will affect your ability to walk, run, jump or squat more efficiently.