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Vanligt förekommande frågor om våra seminarier

Frequently asked questions about our seminars

Den här sidan har inte översatts till svenska. Det är därför delar av den visas på engelska. Du kan välja ett annat språk genom att klicka på språkknapparna här ovan.

Seminars marked as public are open to everybody no matter whether you’re new to the method, if you’re a Feldenkrais teacher or currently enrolled on a training program, or if you are trained in other health methods.

Postgraduate and advanced training programs are exclusively for licensed Feldenkrais practitioners (those who have finished an accredited Feldenkrais teacher training).


Please wear comfortable clothing and socks.
Please check on the seminar page whether the location has mats and blankets you can use, or if you have to bring your own.


Registration is confirmed after receipt of payment. You can find detailed payment information on the page corresponding to each seminar.


Seminars are taught in English or the National language (Spanish in Spain, Portuguese in Portugal and Russian in our courses in Russia) with live translation into the other language. The only exception is Sweden where the teaching language is English.


Seminars are designed for groups of approx. 16-45 people.


At the end of the seminar you will be awarded a certificate of participation indicating the name of the trainer, the location and duration of the course.