Att arbeta som Feldenkraislärare

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By choosing to enroll on the Feldenkrais Method professional training program, you are choosing to jump into a journey filled with curiosity, experimentation, discovery and learning that will last your lifetime. As a Feldenkrais practitioner you will acquire a wide range of knowledge that will open many possibilities, as well as tools that will keep you growing professionally.

In this discipline we work with flexible concepts and there are no universal responses that apply to everyone. That is why Feldenkrais practitioners apply the method with great freedom, attending to the specific needs of each individual person. Each practitioner designs his own individual strategy with the objective of helping his/her client to develop healthy habits, to increase their range of motion, always maintaining strict respect to his or her own needs.

Complex situations require extraordinary solutions. This is one of the reasons why this profession is always filled with challenges and with diverse motivations that maintain it far from professional apathy, lack of motivation or routine.


Depending on your profession and according to your interests, both you and your environment will be able to benefit from the method. You will obtain abilities applicable to research, education, counselling, therapy, teaching, dissemination, management …

In a constantly changing labour environment, it is necessary to be perfectly qualified to access and stay in the professional market. Therefore it is vital to be able to learn in a practical environment, to develop abilities such as initiative and to incorporate innovation into the work you perform.

It is interesting to mention how some colleagues have incorporated the teachings of the method into their professional work:
The director of a Neurology practice incorporates the Feldenkrais Method into his work in order to improve his clients’ movement; A Tango teacher manages to transmit a new sense of bodily awareness to his students; A school teacher and educator motivates and stimulates children’s learning with his motor movement classes; Coaches use the method in their business management courses.


A Feldenkrais practitioner can work in many different fields. They can teach in a private practice, group or private classes, in natural therapy centres, schools, clinics, etc.


  • performing arts
  • musicians and professional singers
  • sports and other related activities (martial arts, pilates, yoga …)
  • educational environment (including specialized education)
  • health sector (including prevention and rehabilitation)
  • other areas of study and therapy (neurolinguistics, psychotherapy …)
  • business area (coaching / counselling, leadership, human resources …)