För alltid i våra hjärtan

Myriam Pfeffer


Den här sidan har inte översatts till svenska. Det är därför delar av den visas på engelska. Du kan välja ett annat språk genom att klicka på språkknapparna här ovan.

Directly trained by Moshe Feldenkrais in the first group he created in Israel, Myriam Pfeffer has been his close collaborator and assisted him until the end of his active life. She has introduced the Feldenkrais Method in the French speaking European countries.

Myriam Pfeffer has taught the Method in many training programs in Europe, Israel and the United States and since 1985 has organized 15 training programs in France.

Thanks to her interest in different cultures, her receptivity and her great personal experience, Myriam Pfeffer always shaped and adapted the lessons to the needs of the students. With her remarkable  originality and sensitivity, she conveyed the techniques and thoughts of Moshe Feldenkrais with respect and attention to the needs of others.

Miriam died on April 7th 2014, but she will live on in all of us who she has been so generously teaching over the past decades.