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A Feldenkrais Approach to Dealing with Back Pain

med Paul Newton

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As Feldenkrais teachers we will have many clients during our career who come either to our ATM classes or for individual sessions to deal with their back pain. Or perhaps we even have back pain issues ourselves.

Back pain can range from lower level discomfort that interferes with the quality of our movements; to temporary, more severe flare-ups that interfere with daily activities or following our passion; or are chronic in their nature such as with arthritis, scoliosis or disk problems.

So which overall approach and strategies can we use to address the individual problems that a person experiences? How can we help someone to make the important changes in his or her self-image in order to live better with chronic back pain? How can we use twisting lessons to give a person a feeling of length and how can improve our own abilities to observe someone’s postural and movement tendencies?

Paul Newton, Feldenkrais-trainer and educational director of numerous Feldenkrais training programs in Europe and Asia, will teach this 5-day advanced training based on his vast experience with clients with back pain. Paul has taught many courses and post-graduate seminars on this topic in the 33 years that he has been working with the Feldenkrais Method.

The focus of this advanced training will be on working with Functional Integration but Paul will also teach one Awareness Through Movement lesson a day connected to the FI-work. After working with an ATM we will discuss why Paul has chosen this particular lesson out of the many hundreds of lessons available.

On three of the five workshop days there will be a 50 min. long demonstration with a client with scoliosis. A client with little or no Feldenkrais experience. We will then discuss the FI, analyze its progress, plan the follow-up lessons and study the techniques applied in depth.

This advanced training is open to Feldenkrais trainers and assistant trainers, to Feldenkrais teachers and Feldenkrais students who are in the 4th year of their training. The space is limited to 30 participants and we will reserve the places in the order the workshop registrations are made in.