Serena Ramovecchi

Lisboa, Portugal

Den här sidan har inte översatts till svenska. Det är därför delar av den visas på engelska. Du kan välja ett annat språk genom att klicka på språkknapparna här ovan.

Serena is Italian, she lived her first 40 years in Rome before to move to Portugal in 2013. Licensed in Informatic Engineering, expert in IT networking and security, she has always developed something completely different alongside this profession, more related to the human being, health, well-being, dance and movement. She discovered the Feldenkrais Method thanks to tango, her big passion, and completed the Rome 6 Feldenkrais Training in 2015.

She continued to learn and deepen her knowledge by taking part in advanced courses and intensified her Feldenkrais practice during years. She works in her private practice as a Feldenkrais practitioner in Lisbon, Almada and the surrounding areas, teaching Awareness Through Movement classes, Functional Integration sessions and thematic workshops along the year in presence and online.

She works with adults of many different categories and found herself working with interest and passion with dancers, people with dystonia and children with special needs. She is about to finish training focused on children’s development: Child Space by Chava Shelhav and JKA Jeremy Krauss Approach.

Serena is currently mentor to the students of our Feldenkrais training programs in Lisbon.