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Under the Oak

med Yeudit Silver

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Please note: New participants can join any segment. You do not have to have visited the previous segments for joining us later.

This master class comprises a series of FI lessons designed by Yehudit Silver, inspired by and in memory of Prof. Alon Talmi, whose name Alon means “oak” in Hebrew.

Prof. Talmi compiled twenty structured FI lessons. Each lesson is constructed around a central functional theme, which is explored in different positions while adhering to the physical principles that characterize the Feldenkrais Method.

After completing her training, Yehudit spent ten years at Prof. Talmi’s side, absorbing his practical approach to the Feldenkrais Method. With his consent, she began teaching his lessons to fellow practitioners. The master class will be held on four inspiring, intensive days: each lesson is structured as a tree; the trunk of the tree is the lesson as designed by Prof. Talmi, and the branches offer a broad spectrum of options and possibilities.

In the intimate atmosphere of a small group, we follow the lessons’ development and pay attention to the finest details.

This master class is suitable for Feldenkrais practitioners who are interested in refining their practical FI skills and teaching an FI lesson that accurately and elegantly addresses the individual needs of the student.


  1. To become acquainted with the Feldenkrais FI lessons designed by Prof. Talmi and to practice them.
  2. Adapting and applying these lessons to various pathologies and to a client’s changing needs.
  3. Learn how to structure the FI process, so it serves the unique needs of the particular client.
  4. Improve FI skills, such as sensitivity, sense of rhythm, the amplitude of force used and accurate transfer of movement.

About Yehudit Silver:
Yehudit completed the Tel Aviv 2 Feldenkrais Training Program with Dr. Chava Shelhav in 1991. Today she is a certified Educational trainer at the Wingate College of Physical Education (Israel) and she teaches Feldenkrais trainings and workshops in Israel and Europe.
Yehudit has a strong background in introducing alternative medicine and Feldenkrais into an institutional context in her home country, Israel. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree as a nurse she also holds a master’s degree in Educational Program Development with an emphasis on Psychology.
Over a period of 10 years she worked closely with Prof. Alon Talmi, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ 13 original students. During that time she developed her six-part master class “under the oak” which spans over a period of 24 days in total. In the meantime she has introduced a significant number of Feldenkrais practitioners to this series of lessons, both in Israel and abroad.
Her ability to link the theoretical principles behind the Feldenkrais Method to their practical day-to-day application allows each practitioner studying with her to access the full potential of Functional Integration.

Main topics of the different segments:

Segment 1: Upper body
Segment 2: Lower body
Segment 3: Chair lessons
Segment 4: Roller lessons
Segment 5: Advanced lessons for the whole body
Segment 6: Advanced lessons for the whole body


”Yehudits clear teaching language and her incredibly subtle way to move others is still present with me and has left important traces in my way of working. This advanced training has allowed me to progress even further and as I keep finding ways to apply my new insights I am looking very much forward to a follow-up.”
Gudrun Esterer / Feldenkrais Practitioner Vienna / Munich


Please note:

Recordings of the ATMs that are taught in this program are included in the price of the workshop.


Advanced lessons for the whole body 435,00 € (inkl. moms)408,90 € (Registrera dig fram till 31.12.2022 för att spara 6 %)